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I haven’t used tumblr in so long and now I have to tell all of these stories from work lol

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I told my coworker that I was telling Bobbie that I figured everyone at work thought that I went both ways and my boss hears just “I go both ways” and stops in her tracks and says “do you really?” Lol
My response was “I don’t know, can’t knock it till I try it.” Lol

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Dear mom I hope you realize how shitty you make me feel about myself 24/7.. Stop being a bitch about my goddamn college choices. Your lucky I don’t fucking leave now. FUCK YOU

move here and be a shitty person who doesn’t go to college with me lol

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This would have been my diary and I would have been like horrified if anyone found it lolol
At least being stopped in Chicago traffic has a nice view…
I feel like I’m in 7th grade again, lol
I hate working with her but she compensates with treats :)
First tanning sesh of 2013 <3
Holy SHIT she looks just like jay z lol
Bobbies yard some day lol